Car Hire

Lisbon van hire in Portugal

With a little help from Lisbon rent a van, you can get a commercial car to transport cargo if you are changing your home, redecorating your house or organizing an event. Here is how to book and above all, why you should do so!

Lisbon van hire fleet

Our car fleet includes modern, new cargo vans maintained in an excellent state. The rental service is excellent value for money.

If you want more information on our prices and available models, here is a list:

  • Peugeot 206 Diesel 1.10 m3

  • Peugeot Partner - 2,90 m3

  • Iveco 29L - 7 m3

  • Iveco 35S11 - 12 m3

  • Iveco 35C13 - 17 m3

Lisbon van hire Advantages

There are many reasons why employing a commercial car from Lisbon van hire can prove beneficial. But apart from the obvious - having a cargo van at your disposal - there are extras you can also opt for when booking:
  • With a vehicle from Lisbon van hire, you can cross the borders of any EU member state. The extra charge is just 36 EUR.

  • You can also opt for one way rental in Portugal, subject to a small extra charge.

  • There are no problems when it comes to the fuel policy. The car is provided with the tank full of petrol and need to be returned in the same condition.

  • Can you rent the car for just one day? Yes, 24 hours is the minimum rental period.

  • In case of any emergency, breakdown or accident, we will assist you 24 hours a day with the Travel Assistance included option.

The last advantage we will highlight for now is just how easy booking a Lisbon airport van hire is. Basically, after completing the booking form online with your general details and vehicle of choice, you will receive a confirmation email and you are all set. On the confirmed pick up date, the van will be ready for you.