Car Hire

Portugal van hire

If you need a commercial car to move home or transport materials, prepare for an event or carry cargo, you can always count on Portugal van hire to provide accessible, efficient and reliable large vehicle solutions at any time. You can use one of our vans for hire to supplement your own car fleet or for personal use.

Portugal van hire fleet

Our car fleet includes excellently maintained vehicles, from smaller to large vans. If you need a commercial car for your business or for your personal project, feel free to take a look at our Portugal van hire fleet:

  • Peugeot 206 Diesel 1.10 m3

  • Peugeot Partner - 2,90 m3

  • Iveco 29L - 7 m3

  • Iveco 35S11 - 12 m3

  • Iveco 35C13 - 17 m3

Worth mentioning is the fact that the prices we charge are excellent value for money.

Portugal van hire Advantages

Renting a commercial car from us is a practical solution and there are many advantages you should bear in mind. Here are just a few of them:
  • Portugal van hire is a very flexible service, that allows you to opt for many additionals, such as extra driver, airport service, GPS, Wi-Fi, child seats and extra insurance options.

  • If you need to cross the border to any EU member state, you can do so for a small fee of 36 EUR per rental. Also, one way rentals in Portugal are available for a small additional charge.

  • No worries about the fuel policy: the cars are delivered with a full tank and have to be returned the same way.

  • If you are wondering whether you can rent the van for just one day, the answer is yes! 24 hours is the minimum rental period.

  • Not having to worry during the rental is always important, so you will be glad to know that Travel Assistance in case of an accident or breakdown is provided 24/7.

Finally, you should remember that booking a Portugal van hire is very easy: it takes just a minute to complete the online form and soon you will have the requested commercial car ready and waiting for you!